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Advanced Professional Diploma

(Note: each paper has 4 subjects which are recorded in modular form)
 (2 compulsory papers and 2 elective paper)

MODULE A:    Economic Analysis
MODULE B:    Business Mathematics
MODULE C:    Human Resource management
MODULE D:    Credit Management

MODULE A:    International Banking
MODULE B:    Risk Management
MODULE C:    Treasury Management
MODULE D:    Balance Sheet Management

MODULE A:    Retail Banking
MODULE B:    Retail Products
MODULE C:    Marketing in Retail Banking
MODULE D:    Other Issues related to Retail Banking
MODULE E:    Additional Reading material on Home Loans

MODULE A:    An Overview
MODULE B:    Credit Risk Management
MODULE C:    Operational Risk Management
MODULE D:    Market Risk

Certificate and Diploma Levels:
Exams are held twice a year – In April and October.  The Exam fees are currently at K320, 000/= per subject at Certificate Level and K370, 000/= per subject at Diploma Level.

April                              15th February               28th February
October                         15th August                  31st August

Professional Diploma & Advanced Professional Diploma Levels:
Each Question Paper is answered in approximately 120 minutes and contains 120 objective type multiple choice questions, carrying a total of 100 marks. Questions are NOT equally weighted, but make carry marks ranging from 0.5 marks for the simplest question to 2 marks for the most difficult question, giving a sum total of 100 possible marks. The Institute may, however, vary the number of questions to be asked from a particular module.
Examinations are conducted every June and December of the calendar year. The Exam fees are currently at K350=00 per subject for the Mock Exams and K350=00 per subject for the Final Exams.

May Mock                15th March                31st March
June Final                15th April                  30th April
November Mock     15th September        30th September
December Final      15th October              31st October

*There is NO negative marking for wrong answers.
*The Late examination entry fee is currently at K100=00 per subject/paper.

Professional Diploma & Advanced Professional Diploma Levels:
There are NO exemptions whatsoever on the Professional Diploma and Advanced Professional Diploma Levels in Banking &Financial Services. Every candidate is required to attempt all the three (3) papers required to complete each level. The Professional Diploma in Banking & Financial Services is pre-requisite to the Advanced Professional Diploma in Banking & Financial Se5rvices.

Certificate & Diploma Levels:
Exemptions are granted at the certificate and diploma levels on a subject by subject basis against proof of having done the subject (s) on another banking/business related course. To apply for exemptions, complete an exemption application form and submit it to the Institute, attaching certified copies of the transcripts of results on which you are basing your application.
Exemption fees, determinable yearly, are levied per subject, and these are currently at K320=00 per certificate subject K370=00 per diploma subject.

*Visit the Institute website for a copy of the Exemption Guidelines
Examination Centres include the following:
•Kitwe- ZIBSIP and CBU
•Ndola- ZIBCT

Certificate & Diploma Levels
Upon becoming a member, one can attend classes at any recognized and ZIBFS Accredited College. In order to enhance its quality control, the Zambia Institute of Banking & Financial Services (ZIBFS) has Accredited Tuition Providers on all its Banking & Finance programmes. Students attending classes at colleges other than the ones mentioned below will be doing so at their own risk. Please contact the Institute for more information on any college that may not be found among the colleges mentioned below.
Currently, the ZIBFS Accredited colleges include Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS), Zambia Insurance Business College Trust (ZIBCT – Lusaka and Ndola campuses), Zambia Centre for Professional Training & Consultancy (ZCTC),  NIEC School of Business, , Evelyn Hone College, Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP), Zambia Institute of Management (ZAMIM – City and Ndola campuses), ZAMPOST Staff College (Ndola), Premier College of Banking & Finance, Breaking Barriers Academy, National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), Lusaka Business & Technical College, Ndola Skills College, and Brainobrain Academy Zambia Ltd.
The Institute has a well-stocked reference Library.

Professional Diploma & Advanced Professional Diploma Levels:
Students wishing to attend private tuitions on the Professional Diploma and Advanced Professional Diploma Levels should contact the Institute in order for them to be connected to the right accredited tutor.

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