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Professional Diploma

Entry Requirements:
The PDBFS programme is open to all serving banking and non-bank financial Institutions professionals with a minimum of a Grade 12 certificate and one (1) year work experience in a financial institution. Consideration is also given to individuals currently working outside the banking and finance sector but would want to pursue a professional career in banking and finance.
This programme offers a solid professional qualification for serving banking and non-bank financial Institutions staff.  The programme delivery methodology is self- study / distance learning with some tuition revision sessions organized by the Institute to help the candidates prepare for examinations. The full programme consists of three (3) papers each comprising four (4) modules. Candidates are expected to complete the full programme within a period of 12 – 18 months.
*Membership registration & Enrolment forms the Professional Diploma and Advanced Professional Diploma can be downloaded from this website or obtained from the Zambia Institute of Banking & Financial Services (ZIBFS) Offices in Lusaka.

Recommended Reading Material:
The Institute has prepared comprehensive courseware to facilitate preparation for the examination without intervention of the tutor. Revision classes shall also be arranged from time to time.  The study material / courseware textbooks for this programme are also valuable reference books for the day-to-day operations of both banks and non-bank financial institutions employees and are therefore a must have for all career banking & financial services professionals regardless of their level in the organisation.
Candidates are also expected to take note of all the latest developments relating to the subject covered in the syllabus by referring to Financial Papers, Economic Journals, Latest Books and Publications in the subjects concerned.
Brief Course Outline (PDBFS):
The PDBFS Programme constitutes three (3) papers with 4 modules each. See below.

Paper 1 (BF 910) – Principles & Practices of Banking:
Module A:     Zambian Monetary & Financial System
Module B:    Functions of Banks
Module C:    Banking Technology
Module D:    Support Services – Marketing of Banking Services/Products

Paper 2 (BF 920) – Accounting & Finance For Bankers:
Module A:    Basics of Business Mathematics
Module B:    Principles of Bookkeeping
Module C:    Special Accounts
Module D:    Final Accounts

Paper 3 (BF 930) – Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking:
Module A:    Regulations and Compliance
Module B:    Legal Aspects of Banking Business
Module C:    Banking & Financial Services Sector Related Laws
Module D:    Commercial Laws with Reference to Banking Operations

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