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Chief Executive Officer

Peter J. Armond

Welcome to the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Services Website.

The Institute has undertaken various technical improvements to its IT infrastructure. These improvements include this redesigned ZIBFS Website and an advanced Student Management System. These improvements will provide additional security to the Institute Website and will also enable members of the Institute to access a number of services online, such as online membership and examination registration, online payments, online discussion forums, etc. Official launch of the advanced Student Management System will be advised in due course.

The Institute is also engaged in a number of activities to enhance information sharing in the financial sector. On 17th March 2016, the Institute successfully held a Public Discussion Forum on the theme, "COLLATERAL REGISTER – WILL IT ADDRESS CONSTRAINTS IN SME FINANCING". The Discussion Forum was well attended. Earlier in the year, other events were held. On 19th February 2016, the Institute held its 15th Graduation Ceremony and its 25th Annual Ball was held on 4th March 2016.”


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